Its products include the following categories: adhesives, insulators, buffer, shielding, shelter from light, heat dissipation, electric conductors and optical film, touch panel, window protective glass, precision metal parts, new energy vehicle parts, etc.

Precision die cutting

We have the ability to test many kinds of materials and analyze their properties. ...

Precision slitting and cutting
High precision full servo multifunctional laminating-pressing
Substation continuous punching(0.05mm)
High precision sheet to sheet lamination
Multi-station automatic deviation-correcting rotary machine group
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Precision stamping

We have a variety of high-speed precision stamping machine...

3D thermal forming (nonmetal)
High-speed stamping(800 times / min)
Stamping die
Forging die
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Precision CNC machining

We can provide customers with all kinds of solutions to achieve...

Metal CNC
Glass CNC
Acrylic CNC
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Surface treatment

We provide customers with different types of surface treatment services...

Surface cleaning and stainless steel passivation
Anodizing chemical nickel-plating aluminum oxidation
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Multi-process printing

Our multi-process printing equipment mainly produces high quality...

Flexographic plate multi-color printing
Sheet stock rolling printing
UV curable four-color printing
Bottom layer printing, fabric silk-screen printing
Heat curable conductive ink printing
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Micro injection molding

We have a professionals team with more than 15 years of experience in high-precision...

Injection moulding
Small assembly
Design and manufacture of precision mould
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Module design and manufacturin

We can provide one-stop solutions for modules related with both consumer electronics ...

Sensor module
Cooling module
Wireless charging module
Current collector module
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New material R & D and manufac

We have the independent processing ability on some magnetic materials such ...

5G base station ceramic dielectric filter
Electronic functional materials: (ferrite, nanocrystalline, graphene, wave-absorbing material... )
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Automatic manufacturing

Comprehensive production automation meets the inevitable trend of customer demand ...

Fully automatic optical detection
Fully automatic precision surface-mount line
Fully automatic glass printing and baking line
Fully automatic wireless charging module assembly line
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Sample production

From the product design at initial stage, trial sample production to final mass production...

Laser rapidly producing of samples
Design and manufacture of precision mould
Design in a short time and provide all-round solutions
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Detection and analysis

We have the ability to test many kinds of materials and analyze their properties...

Physical and chemical analysis and detection
Optical performance test
Wireless charging performance test
Pressure sensitive adhesive tape performance test
Performance test of magnetic materials
Material failure analysis and reliability testing
3D and oversized image measurement
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Precision mold processing

We can design, develop and manufacture all kinds of precision molds ...

Precision wire EDM
Electrical discharge machining(EDM)
2-4 axles CNC machining center
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We have gas shielded welding and laser welding technology for welding parts...

Laser welding
Gas metal arc welding
For details

Adhesive dispensing

We provide customers with different glues with different functions for applying...

AB/UV glue
For details
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